Gate pricing will depend on several factors including the type of gate (sliding or swing), size, intricacy of design, materials (perhaps timber is to be incorporated), anti-corrosion treatment and coating finish.
Cheap online gates that are mass produced abroad with minimal materials and poor coating can be as cheap as a few hundred pounds (not including installation) for a metre high double gate.
Custom built entrance gates will also vary in cost between local gate builders, materials used and the complexity of the gate design.

Do I have to get my gates coated? If your gates are not built using marine grade stainless steel or Corten steel, they will require a suitable coating – whether they are full timber, wrought iron or steel framed timber gates. If you have invested time, effort and money in having your gates hand crafted, we would always recommend using the best coating option to suit the environment of where they will be installed. This is to ensure the gates we have provided you with have a prolonged service life.

If your property is near the coast it may be subject to harsh weather conditions that would normally deteriorate regular timber gates in a couple of years. We can design and handbuild marine grade stainless steel framed gates with durable Siberian larch or hardwood cladding that will be structurally stable for many years to come. In the long run you would save a lot of money by not having to replace regular timber gates that structurally are not as stable as stainless steel gates

Hot dip galvanizing combined with an architectural powder coat is one of the best coating options for wrought iron gates. This will provide a life expectancy of over 25 years, combined with an outstanding visual appearance, as well as second to none protection level against corrosion. ​

​Zinc rich undercoat with powder coating is a much more cost effective alternative with a life expectancy of around eight years. ​This option will not always be possible for gate design with difficult to access parts of the gate and consequently can lead to corrosion sooner then expected.

We prefer to install our gates to ensure that they are installed correctly, in a safe manner and to the highest standards to guarantee the longest possible service life.
A trouble free gate service life is directly dependent on the quality of the initial gate installation as well as regular annual maintenance.

We guarantee structural integrity of our metalwork for life, as long as the required maintenance is kept on schedule. Our guarantee does not cover extreme weather caused damage, poor maintenance caused corrosion damage, any physical forced damage or misuse of the product.

​Yes you can. After a site assessment, we establish the most suitable gate type i.e sliding or swing gates for your entrance. We will integrate gate automation, safety & control devices to the gate design to ensure an accurate and precisely finished product. We can also retrofit gate automation to most existing gates with little to no modifications.

Yes, electric gates can be very dengerous if they are poorly built with sharp edges, wrong hinges, unsuitable automation or installed by inexpierenced/ negligent gate builders and installers.

All automated electric gates must be risk assesed, designed and installed with end user safety in mind ensuring that gates are compliant with the current gate safety requirements. All our gates are supplied and installed with a full gate documentation, incorporated safety edges, infra red sensors and force testing results to ensure safety and peace of mind for you.

An automated gate system allows you to open and close the gates from your car, besides greatly increasing security, an automated gate system also provides significant safety over manual gates as you do not have to get out of your vehicle to open the gates. This eliminates your pets escaping, kids getting in the way of gate swinging open and any other injuries you might get in cold, slippery or very hot summer day while manually opening and closing your gates.

For swing gates the two most common automation options are arm motor automation and underground automation systems. Both systems do the same job but are considerably different in design and price.
Underground automation is our first choice for most driveway gates due to it being discrete, simple, robust and reliable. However, underground automation is more complex to install and more expensive to purchase.Using underground automation system will reduce the load on the piers and also reduce the possibility of piers leaning.
Arm motor automation is cheaper to purchase and requires less labour time to install. Arm motor automation is designed to be fitted to the gates mid rail and will be visible at all times from your property.
It is not a great option if you have spent thousands of pounds on bespoke gates. Also arm motors have a more complex design with less robust moving parts that can prematurely wear with insufficient servicing, leading to unreliability and call outs. As a consequence this may cost you more than the initial saving at the installation stage.

An automated gate system allows you to open and close the gates from your car, house or holiday destination, providing you with full control over who is accessing your property. Besides greatly increasing security, an automated gate system also provides significant safety over manual gates as you do not have to get out of your vehicle to open the gates. This eliminates any chance of opportunists jumping in your car and driving off. Most manual gates are rarely used on a daily basis.

​To ensure that you receive the highest quality end product that meets current gate safety regulations, and our warrantee is valid, we carry out the gate installation ourselves.

We use one of the market leading gate automation manufacturers equipment that is manufacturer warranted for three years. Intercom systems and other gate components have a manufacturer warranty of one to two years. We guarantee our installations for 12 months which is a standard warranty for most electrical works.

There are many gate specialists out there, some are installers with a van, others specialise in building gates only, ideally you should look for a company that offers a complete package of both – building and installing your gates, providing you with a cohesive gate package that complies with the industry standards.Avoid suspiciously cheap gate purchases, that saving on your quote is made somewhere else, for example, no technical file, poor material and component quality, cheap automation, no safety devices or simply less time spent on the gate build and installation. To help you get the right product package, we recommend visiting gate companies that offer a full start to finish gate service and ask to visit the workshop where the gates are built, as well as requesting to look at least one gate installation​.​

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03 May 2021
Beautiful and Useful Handmade Ironwork

Karlis’s company have designed and installed gates, balustrades and railings at our home which are both beautiful and useful - and much admired by visitors. He has a well organised and professional operation and has proven a pleasure to do business with.

10 Dec 2020

Great service and product

Karlis is not only charming, but very talented, my gates and fence surpassed my expectations, which were pretty high! I did have a quote from another,national company. This price was similar to creative metal design and they could have completed the works sooner, but I decided to wait and am so pleased that I did, choosing the different elements in the workshop was really helpful as was the advice.

07 Apr 2021

Supply and fit of pedestrian aluminium gate

I am very pleased with my pedestrian aluminium gate. Service was efficient, quality of work was high and friendly approach

29 Aug 2020
Creative Metal Design Limited
Karlis Elmanis, Creative Metal Design Limited, provided us with a truly exemplary personal service backed-up by an artistic talent for metal work which, in our experience, was beyond compare. We are delighted with the bespoke wrought-iron driveway gates which Karlis, personally, manufactured and installed for us together with our chosen automation systems

02 Jan 2020
Simply superb
Karlis and his colleagues designed, created, powder-coated and installed a decorative wrought-iron balustrade and gate to blend with existing installations.

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Types of gates

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A complete design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance service.

Types of gates

Free Simple Dividers Vectors2

A complete design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance service.